How many times has someone told you: Just eat healthier, Just exercise, Just Sleep. Even better…. Stop dating jerks…. Stop the Shopping, Drinking, Smoking, Drugs, Social Media, Stressing and Thinking. Generally speaking: “Stop getting in your own way.” Depending on where you live, maybe people are like: You should just manifest it, you Should meditate, you Should be Mindful, you Should Be Resilient, You should BE Grateful. We have all heard it before and yes it is very tempting to go on a never-ending diatribe of “Should” induced judgement to solve your life except hearing it from others or yourself is not working. CHANGE? Easier said than done. I challenge anyone to disagree. We do not see any bumper stickers with the slogan, “Change is a cake walk.”

Given the off chance we have a clear understanding of what our problem is or what is sabotaging us at any given moment, it’s a whole other ball of wax to DO something about it. Figuring out how to walk your talk by finding that magic potion that will be the change. Well…humanity has only be waiting a few millennia for that to happen. When someone figures that out, it will inevitably disrupt the self-help industry and the medical industrial complex right into bankruptcy. CHANGE is hard! Making the changes we need to make and living the lives we are all longing for is not for the faint of heart. On some level you have to be a dog with a bone.

I don’t have the answer that unlocks the universal key to change. The truth is, whether we stick to conventional norms or venture outside the box for answers; separating truthful solutions from the hype-induced fads of the minute is getting harder by the day. So here we are trying to navigate a haystack of potential ways for change hoping to find that key little needle, which is going to work for us now, in this moment.

I do know that for change to happen, we need to have a deep-seated BELIEF in our core that it IS possible. Change IS Possible. Especially when we are clear about the changes we are ready to make, instead of the changes we SHOULD make.

Approaching change with an attitude of its just PRACTICE allows for our own unique process to unfold with unconditional mercy for ourselves. This is an upgrade from shaming “should” induced judgements that leave us further from who we hope to be. I doubt that there is a universal magic bullet to change given each of our unique needs at any given time. I do know that each step we take toward being our change is part of a process and each tool we illicit from an arsenal of approaches can enhance our practice until we gradually etch new habits, beliefs and finally step into experiences affirming a sustainable sense of well-being.

There is a lot out there for us to use to practice change with. After fumbling through an exhaustive myriad of approaches that felt weird, challenged my common sense, and tested my discernment; I thought it would be a useful resource to share what I discovered on the page: The Practice. Consider this a growing body of resources that elucidates the potential for benefit to the wellness journey when used appropriately while also casting light on the potential shadows waiting to trip us up.

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