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Practicing presence is a powerful resource to illuminate the underline structures of stress affecting us. This practice involves cultivating inner awareness of our physical, emotional, and mental experience. It also allows us to reflect on the reality of our inner state of being so we can digest our experiences in life instead of shutting down. The practice of presence in community amplifies clarity through being witnessed. It allows all of us to digest more together than we are capable of alone. We have adapting and coping mechanisms that get through life under a guise of normalcy but eventually, our external circumstances force us to take stock and actually resolve the very thing that we are coping with.

These are free community gatherings to practice presence around major stressors affecting us today. They are meant to be explorative spaces where we can connect, digest, and restore during an unprecedented time of existential overwhelm in almost every facet of society. We will be gathering on zoom 1 hour weekly over the next 6 weeks to engage in inner contemplation of our physical, mental and emotional experience around specific themes and then share as a group.

Current Experiences for exploration:

  1. Presencing Pregnancy in the Era of COVID – For women experiencing pregnancy are also struggling with the unknowns of COVID. Social distancing, lack of physical contact with friends and family, and limited information on the effects of the virus impacts the pregnant community uniquely. While caring for patients in the hospital it became clear to me the silent needs many had for processing to the stress COVID created. In order to create a healthy new “normal”, we need to first presence the reality of what we are experiencing so we can stay grounded while navigating through this sea of unknowns.
  2. Presencing the Overwhelm – There is a never-ending barrage of overwhelming events challenging our global state of affairs. The circumstances we are all facing need to be processed and shared in community so we can digest them and address the challenges they bring. As we continue to consume all this information we need to find new strategies for cultivating clarity and objectivity which which begins with preserving our self contact through the presencing practice while simultaneously being witnessed in our experience.
  3. Presencing Care for Healthcare – Our healthcare system and many of us working in it were teetering on the edge of burnout well before COVID. As a healthcare community, we are adept at sacrificing ourselves in service of others and so we have all dug deep to keep it together. It is more important than ever that we don’t burn out under the economic pressure and public health stress that COVID has created. We need spaces that allow us to digest everything happening to us. The superhero story has run its course and now we need to have space, time, and a slower rhythm so we can restore. This presencing practice space is an opportunity to de-stress and discover new tools to confront what is happening now.

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The Guided-Serendipty Summit

Sept 27, 2019

Join me at the SERENDIPITY guildserendipity.com summit on September 27 in at the General’s Residence by Fort Mason in San Francisco Join over 500 women from tech, law, finance, healthcare, and creative industries to connect and attend a day full of personal and professional development talks and workshop in leadership, innovation and self-care.

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I’ll be facilitating a session called:

The Be•ology of Living Your Intention


Sept 27, 2019


Start the conference with setting an intention and learning how to realize it.  This experiential workshop will help you focus on what is most important to you for the day. We will embark on an inner contemplative journey to unearth unconscious triggers waiting to throw you off your game. The session will guide you through the nuts and bolts of remaining grounded when you confront stressful moments threatening to high-jack your intention from fruition. You will discover vital self-care techniques for leveraging tough situations in your favor. The session will empower confidence as you master the real-time skill of staying embodied and move you towards successfully living your intention.


The Be•ology of Optimizing a Life of Transitions


Women & Family Symposium: Feeling Fit and Fantastic


Hosted By: Indian Community Center & Crack the Wellness Code
When: Nov 17, 2019 from 9 am to 3 pm
Where: El Palo Alto Hall @ Mitchel Park Community Center, 3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303


This event will feature multiple speakers on topic relevant to Women’s Health from Fatigue, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, Women’s Empowerment, and Reproductive Health.


I’ll being speaking about: The Be•ology of Optimizing a Life of Transitions


You’ll learn about:

  • The Arc of Time: Understanding the physical, mental and emotional changes of being a woman from puberty, pregnancy, menopause and beyond.
  • Understanding normal hormonal and physical changes from abnormal ones.
  • Learning to optimize your wellness at every age while adapting to changing demands of life that happen with time.
  • Mindful tools for embracing change 

WEBINAR:Stress among Southeast Asian Women

Speakers: Ruchi Puri, MD and Leena Khanzode, MD

Topic: Stress is an inescapable reality that we all accept as a normal part of modern life. It is a major problem, which negatively impacts our health and experience of wellbeing. South Asian Women face even higher levels of stress with increased cultural expectations and fewer resources of support. This webinar is an opportunity to presence the reality and impact that stress is having in our lives, while focusing on the unique challenges within the South Asian experience in the US. It is a chance to learn strategies and avenues of support for dissolving stress so you can live a balanced and fulfilling life. The 1 hour webinar will feature a 20 minute teaching, followed with a brief mindfulness practice, and conclude with plenty of time for participants to reflect their experiences and ask questions.



Workshops & Retreats

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