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Ensö — This symbol has its roots in Zen Buddhism. It is not meant to be explained but experienced. It represents a cycle of wholeness. I like Audrey Yoshiko Seo, author of Ensō: Zen Circles of Enlightenment definition.  “Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, and a myriad of things in between. Seemingly perfect in their continuity, balance, and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in execution, ensō are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape. They seem to leave little room for variation, and yet in the hands of Zen masters, the varieties of personal expression are endless. Ensō evoke power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.”

Maya — Sanskrit word meaning illusion. The implications of this meaning are exhaustive. On our most fundamental level, its believing in something that is not true.

Sahasrara — 7th chakra located at the crown of the head from the Vedic tradition. It represents truth, unity and the reality that everything in the Universe is fundamentally connected through Divine Consciousness.

Scallop Shell — In Greek Mythology it represents Aphrodite’s Love. It was later adopted by Christian pilgrims to mark the path along Camino de Santiago or the Way of Saint James. I consider us all to be walking together finding our way on the path of love.

Think-solve — Is a belief that if we feed our brains with enough information we can think our way to a solution. Solutions in this form maybe self-limiting if they do not involve the other centers of intelligence that are innate to our being.

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