This portion of the site is here to provide perspective and forum for a curated selection of practices and philosophies to potentially live by. It is an arsenal of tools available to your personal PRACTICE of change. Read my blog post, The Practice: Be the Change for more background.

CHANGE…Easier said then done! That is the truth for every hurdle sabotaging us and the life we are striving to live. Once we arrive at that, “Something’s gotta give” spot, the helplessness can set in pretty quickly. We either don’t know what our real problem is so we squirrel around with that, or we figure out the problem but then we don’t know how to CHANGE it, and do it definitively. How do we walk our wants and sustain the necessary changes? Its like showing up to your doctor who says, “loose weight.” Your answer, “OK…but how?”

Enter in the deep dive into Google, strategies for diet, exercise, health, healing, self-help, life coaching, spirituality…Holy $%*?!–there is so much. It is overwhelming and requires steroid induced levels of discernment to sift through it all. Where do any of us begin to figure out which person, method, philosophy, book, plan, program, retreat is going provide us with the structure and knowledge we need to realize a sustained sense of well-being. It is a saturated space to maneuver through and become bankrupt in.

The Practice is here to guide you through the alchemy of the healing process. The reviews will help give you a sense of what might be the next useful tool in your practice of wellness and personal growth without getting trapped by unrealistic expectations that disappoint the process. Please be patient as this content gets judiciously crafted to help you navigate the waters of developing your unique healing design. If you have suggestions on topics or ideas that will help best meet your needs please email. In the meantime, have faith that the universe does deliver the little nuggets of wisdom we need to take us to the next step in our journey.

The Root

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