Tutorials are a self-paced educational courses on major health concerns and the transitions they bring into women’s lives. They are designed for you to move through at your own rhythm. Each tutorial is an effort to combine the knowledge of allopathic medicine with holistic teachings of the Eastern traditions along with an added touch of kitchen table wisdom. It is everything you want to know from your doctor, holistic healer and wise spiritual elder rolled into one. More importantly, each course guides you through a process that comes from a positive and inspired place within you so your actions are attuned to your unique nature. The studies advocate for choices that reflect your own inner wisdom of what is most aligned to you.

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Aunt Flow — Do you ever wonder about why you feel the way you do during any given moment of your menstrual cycle? Wonder about your hormones and how you experience them in your life and if its normal. This is everything you want to know about your period to have a healthy peaceful relationship with it. We will review the physiology of your period and take a deeper look at how other medicinal systems understand it. In addition, we will visit common misconceptions and challenges that our modern culture presents to the innate wisdom and natural rhythm of menstruation.
The Deep Freeze — Just a generation ago, women did not have an option of freezing eggs. Today is a different story for many considering whether this relatively young technology is right for them. What are healthy expectations for this technology to deliver biological offspring? This tutorial is designed as an objective resource to help you understand what to expect from egg freezing while also taking an introspective look at whether you are living life in alignment with your future reproductive goals.
Figuring Fertility — We are more conscious today about “trying to get pregnant” than ever before. After years of diligence with “trying not to be pregnant,” it’s understandable to worry about our ability to do so on demand when we think the time is now. This tutorial will help you understand what fertility testing is and its value to you. It will also guide you on how to prepare for pregnancy emotionally, physically and mentally. 
The Birth Plan—Many expectant mothers want to craft their perfect birth experience by planning ahead for the big day. There is a sense of what you do want and what you don’t. This tutorial helps guide you on expectations with your best laid plans by helping you prepare for the deep surrender of motherhood by stepping into the deep surrender of childbirth. It’s about setting you up for success in one of the most challenging transitions facing women during their lives so you feel grounded, strong and empowered to meet the unknowns ahead.
Nurtured Nurturing—There is so much preparation around getting pregnant, being pregnant and birth, that the moment motherhood arrives, it gets treated like the end of the story when it’s really the beginning. The postpartum period is another pivotal transition point for your being that is changing yet again. There is a lot to contend with from the emotional roller coaster, the challenge of learning to be a parent and then the shifting sense of self in what can feel like a total loss of autonomy.
Oh the Big “O” — Female sexuality is highly complex and poorly understood. Modern times do not help. Our sexuality is as dynamic as we are. It transforms as we do during the stages of our life. There is a lot going on to thwart our sexual development and ownership over this aspect of our expression in relationship. This tutorial attempts to place the complex nature of our sexuality into perspective by providing a fresh take on our perceptions of libido, ideas of intimacy and experience of sexual gratification.
The Change — The menopausal transition can be met with some of the most polarizing view points among women. Some of us can’t wait and others of us are dutiful attempting to chemically engineer a way out of it. How do we meet this last major reproductive transition while figuring out the new rules governing our physical health without feeling like we are mourning a single drop of our feminine vitality? This tutorial is designed to help inform you about what you may physically experience in this transition and resources to help you coast through. It will also help you meet areas of resistance to this transition so you can fully embrace and expand into your potential when stepping into this new phase of life and your feminine power.

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Course Correct

We believe the solutions to our lives are the sole dominion of our brains to think-solve our problems. Sometimes our decisions do not feel right, especially when our options are a choice between a rock and a hard place. It is vital to take actions we feel fully aligned with in all aspects of our being: mind, body, heart and soul. Is there a way to step into our choices and actions feeling 100% on board? There is, if we can figure out the part of us driving that internal friction and get curious about what this part is telling us. Course Correct is a simple process designed to help you figure out where you are not aligned to your decisions. It helps usher in new insight to unconscious areas longing to be heard. To receive a copy of the Course Correct process subscribe today.

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