Discovering the source of our transformative potential

2020 felt like the year of isolation and polarization, which made me curious about the space between us. It is easy to take it for granted and even neglect it. We are a lot like fish looking through water without noticing the water. I would like to begin the year sharing how important the space between us is. It is essential to sustaining our health and well-being.  Here are my five take aways.

It Matters
The space between us isn’t just shared space but WE space. When we don’t stay conscious of it and conscientious with this space it gets dirty. Just like any type of pollution, we all pay a price. This also means we all have a stake in protecting the integrity of it. Neglecting our shared space allowed a virus to get the better of us, a valley of polarizing hatred define us, an environmental reckoning humble us and growing disparity make our equality a myth.  Our WE space hygiene can improve by each of us caring for the relationship between the Me to the We.

Shared Responsibility
Nature is fundamentally collaborative even if we human beings believe it is competitive. The more we buy into competitive sensibilities there will always be winners and losers. The day we value collaboration over domination as a prerequisite to the space between us is the day we end our scarcity complex and enter an era of true abundance. The reality is, when one of us looses we all loose. Collaborative behaviors are instrumentental to everyone thriving. This is where our shared responsibility lives.

The space between us is alive with relation. Relation becomes the alchemical process of change and transformation. We are affecting all life around us and it affects us. How we relate to each other and everything surrounding us happens in the space between. Relation is a powerful process that can be constructive and creative like in healing. It can also be destructive and deteriorating like in disease. How we nourish the space between determines what we alchemize for ourselves.

The space we inhabit is rich with potential. Our biodiversity is a testimonial to how this potential gets expressed over and over again. Manifesting the potential in us is transmitted through the space between us. None one grows in a vacuum isolated from the rich diverseness that life offers. We need the medium of space to host our potential and transmit it to us. Anything is possible.

It’s infinite
The space between us is infinite and eternal. Think of the space of the cosmos. It hosts all beginnings and ends, the order and chaos, as well as all the dynamic changes that come with living. We may come and go like many species before us but the space we live in will always exist. The space between us offers an incredible untapped gift of abundance. Our capacity to access this abundance is limited by our ability to recognize the value of the space between us.

Hope you have a chance to get a little curious about the space around you as you move through it.