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For most women, life moves too quickly to process the stress, pain, and emotional soup that is part of our life transitions. Many of these changes are catalyzed by the beginning and end of our natural reproductive cycles that are an inherent part of being female. Our current medical system leaves little space or time with clinicians to digest difficult moments that come up as we move from one cycle to the next, let alone fully respond to the depth our questions carry. As women, we have our own rhythm and inner complexity, which needs to be honored not rushed. We need to feel safe, be held spaciously and supported in slowing down to become fully present with what we are facing The Presencing Pain and Stress programs are environments for healing in a nurturing and empowering manner. For many of us, self-compassion is difficult to harness without support and reflections we trust. These programs combine the transformational power of group healing work with the benefits of individualized guidance and expertise.

Each program is virtually conducted over zoom. They are designed to begin and end with a private 1:1 session with Dr. Puri for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the program and group size, there are 60-90 minute group sessions done once a week for 3-6 weeks. Optional practices are provided to further ground the process between sessions and after the program. Groups will be sized less than 10.


Week 1: 1:1 Session for an 45-60 minutes to review your personal history, present-day challenges, and intention over zoom.

Weeks 2-5: Meet as group for 60-90 minutes each week over zoom depending on the program and group size. . Each session will begin with the presencing practice to cultivate awareness of your inner experience around these issues. Each person, who chooses, will be witnessed in the sharing their process. We will end with a short Q&A and teaching around insights emerging in the group. In between each week will be optional exercises and practices to continue to support the process.

Week 6: 1:1 Session for 30-60 minutes to check in with your personal progress and determine next steps if needed.

These programs are not a replacement for medical or mental health treatment. They are meant to be a holistic adjunct in the healing process. You may discover the need for more in-depth 1:1 work with a licensed professional with specific expertise to meet your needs. You understand and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for determining the extent to which you can safely participate in this online program, which includes physical, emotional, mental capacities, and limitations. In attending any activity you agree to assume total responsibility for your own health, safety, and well-being. This is a private and protected space, so any information or details shared in the group is bound by respect and sanctity to the right to privacy.

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Presencing Stress of ConceivingThis is a 5-week program to support women experiencing stress around conceiving, pregnancy, or motherhood. We are entering a new era where there is more fear around being able to get pregnant than unexpectedly becoming pregnant. We are being subjected to an increased degree of fear, uncertainty, and a loss of control around conceiving because of the messaging focused on infertility even though the vast majority of women go on to conceive without issue. Slowing down to explore our inner experience of the conception process is vital to being healthy and allowing the journey of motherhood to flow naturally in relationship to our personal rhythm and needs. It is important to presence what can unconsciously sabotage a historically stress-free process and tap into self-compassion for the modern challenges of conceiving today. You’ll benefit from the tender support of a community while having access to the education and experience of Dr. Puri.

Presencing Pain of MiscarriageThis is a 5-week program designed to process the pain and loss from a miscarriage.  It is an opportunity to slow down and have space to digest your inner experience of pregnancy loss beyond the support possible in a doctor’s office. Miscarriages may be common and impossible to prevent leaving us in an emotional storm without any sense of control. Stepping into a group container to explore the complexity of this painful loss is an important step towards healing. Making space for all the feelings and thoughts that may undermine what you are longing for in the future helps to restore possibility in the present moment.

Presencing Pain of Ending a PregnancyThis is a 5-week group program to process the aftershocks of ending a pregnancy. The circumstances around becoming pregnant and remaining pregnant are highly complex. Regardless of the “why” we end a pregnancy there can be unexpected feelings, physical sensations, and thoughts that need to be processed instead of buried. This program is a safe, judgment-free container to process what you are experiencing with care and respect. It important to your overall health and well-being to receive the support and nurture that you may be isolated from. This program provides a compassionate container to heal the deep sense of loss experienced. 

Presencing Pain of Birth ComplicationsA 6-week program to support mothers who experienced unexpected birth complications during labor. This may include acute interventions like a c-section, vacuum, or forceps delivery. It may also include experiencing complications from heavy bleeding, preterm delivery, high blood pressure, infection, or an infant needing additional medical support. Amidst acute life-threatening emergencies, everything moves rapidly with the priority to keeping us physically safe. This does not leave much space, time, or explanation to digest the totality of what we are experiencing. Many of us will move out of our state of overwhelm into dissociation or numbness to power through these intense moments. For many of us, there can be fear, anger, sadness, and unanswered questions that are indefinitely postponed until we make space for their process. It is vital to reclaim our experience by slowing down in a safe container to emotionally and mentally process what was not possible during those moments in the hospital. Even in the gratitude of physically surviving, there can be more subtle residual aftershocks affecting us and our families like a basal level of anxiousness and insecurity Processing our experience is vital to our health and capacity to restore a sense of grounded-ness in life. This program helps mother’s digest what was not possible in those moments and move forward with a restored sense of vitality. It is also an opportunity to get any clarification you need about the medical aspects of care that were too much to take in but weighing on you.

Presencing Stress During MenopauseThis is an 8-week program to support the transition that comes with completing our menstrual cycles. It comes with understanding the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual shifts that are part of entering a new stage in life. The program is designed to understand the deeper nature of the process while being informed on how to prepare for what lies ahead. As a group, we start to presence the unpacked baggage we have been carrying during, while inviting inspiration that no longer postpones what we are really longing for ourselves. The group field is meant to cultivate our inner wisdom and embrace the gifts that are part of this chapter, while allowing the space to grieve what it feels like we are loosing. It is a multidimensional exploration and teaching into embracing the gifts of menopause.

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Course Correct

We believe the solutions to our lives are the sole dominion of our brains to think-solve our problems. Sometimes our decisions do not feel right, especially when our options are a choice between a rock and a hard place. It is vital to take actions we feel fully aligned with in all aspects of our being: mind, body, heart and soul. Is there a way to step into our choices and actions feeling 100% on board? There is, if we can figure out the part of us driving that internal friction and get curious about what this part is telling us. Course Correct is a simple process designed to help you figure out where you are not aligned to your decisions. It helps usher in new insight to unconscious areas longing to be heard. To receive a copy of the Course Correct process subscribe today.

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